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FormTGP 1.0

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    Form-filling gallery submission and doorway building software aimed to provide the most accurate and safe submission procedure.
    Basic Features of FormTGP:
    Accurate Submission Tool: FormTGP is an Interner Explorer-based form filling submitter. Without respect to serious increase of submission speed, the process looks nearly the same as fully manual. Therefore your galleries are much more likely to be accepted by TGP operators.
    Taking into account that the largest TGPs and link-lists, which are just 10% of all traffic makers in the industry,
    provide 90% of traffic. So many professional webmasters prefered to submit to that sites manually.
    With FormTGP you can save your time and gain impressive traffic from top TGP and link list sites.
    Automatic Category Selection: During submission process FormTGP finds the most suitable category as well as other properties automatically.
    Mirror Pages Creator: Mass produce mirror pages, pre-loaded with recips from the site group of your choice. Design your own custom recip tables, place the recips exactly how you like, have the ability to control everything down to the order in which recips appear. You can even design how you'd like the mirror files and folders named using both random words and numbers.
    Rules Checking: This feature allows you to have FormTGP automatically read the rules pages for you. It will check your gallery design against each site's rule page in the database. This will stop you from submitting to places that will blacklist you, before it's already to late.
    Detailed Logs: FormTGP stores info on every submission it makes and. You can easily view the HTML that was retrieved, including what data was sent to each site. Possible errors are automatically found and marked for checking. You can also edit each site's data from the log screen with a single click.
    Database Updates: Free weekly database updates.

    Date of placement13 December 2003
    Date of update18 July 2003
    Interface languageEnglish;
    Term of use
    File size6139Kb
    Operating system Windows 95/98 Windows NT/2000 Windows ME Windows XP Windows NT/2000
    CompanyAdultAuto Software

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