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Простая отчетность 1.0.0

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    Скачиваний Простая отчетность 1.0.0: 50
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    Описание Простая отчетность 1.0.0

    'Reporting Forms' is an effective replacement for Excel for creation, verification and consolidation of reports, forecasts, business plans and reporting forms of any kind. Flexible system of permissions allows easy control of user access to data and a wide range of options to design form templates, provides the ability to create any form of reports. Tabular reporting forms is used to collect reports on a basis of strictly defined template, user is only able to edit cells that was marked as editable and each input is validated through flexible validating rules. Reporting forms of this type is filled by several respondents, and then checked by a person responsible for validating them, which in turn is able to sends reports back to correct them. At any given time summary form can be formed, either based on the same template, or on any other, using reports data filtered by a predetermined criteria. Main features: - Effective replacement of Excel for designing, editing and validation of information reports, forecasts, business plans and reporting forms of any kind - Consolidation of reports and summaries in accordance with the organizational structure of the company - Work in a single database with limited user access rights - Instant update and verification of accounting data when reports values changes - Ability to create complex linked reporting forms - Simple interaction between respondents with the help of system of requests and responses - Full control of reports life cycle - Creation of arches of arbitrary shape and content based on the filtered data collected from reporting forms

    Описание Простая отчетность 1.0.0
    Дата добавления11 Февраля 2014
    Язык интерфейсаАнглийский; Русский
    Время использования30 Days
    ЦенаUS $75
    Размер файла43153 Kb
    Операционная система Windows XP
    РазработчикAlgorithms In Motion Co.
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