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Opera browser 19

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    Рейтинг Opera browser 19:
    Скачиваний Opera browser 19: 69
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    Описание Opera browser 19

    Discover the new Opera. Handcrafted to bring you faster, more secure browsing, Opera gives you more efficient browsing and great customization options. Download the fast and free alternative web browser. Features: -Speed Dial groups your top-visited sites directly on a custom start page. -The Stash feature captures a page you want to revisit later or compare with others, and saves it into a simple, sophisticated list that's searchable by resizable screenshot or keyword. -The Discover feature gives you top-quality news and entertainment from around the globe. -Off-Road mode compresses pages for faster, all-conditions browsing especially on slower network connections. -Themes and extensions let you customize the Opera browser by changing its look and adding new functionalities. -The combined search and address bar lets you get search results from multiple search engines at the same time, or add your own custom engines for fast access to the information you want. Craftsmanship, 18-years of hands-on experience and a passion for the web has helped us introduce a lot of improvements and new technologies to our new generation of browsers. Find out more about us at www.opera.com. Or, download Opera today and discover for yourself why we're the best alternative browser available.

    Описание Opera browser 19
    Дата добавления18 Февраля 2014
    Язык интерфейсаАнглийский; Русский
    Время использования Days
    Размер файла34764 Kb
    Операционная система Windows XP
    РазработчикOpera Software
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