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Advanced Encryption Package 2003 1.9.4

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    Typically you encrypt files because you don't want others to see them, but sometimes you want to send someone an encrypted file. Most if not all encryption programs allow you to do so--they vary, however, in terms of how difficult the process is.
    AEP2002's most noteworthy feature may be its flexibility: Not only can you encrypt files for your own protection but you can easily create "self-decrypting" versions of your files that others can run without needing AEP2002 or any other software.
    The program includes a file shredder that wipes the contents of your original files. It also integrates nicely with Windows Explorer, allowing you to use Explorer's context menus and avoid having another window clutter your screen. It also uses military grade encryption for protecting your private files.
    Program supports strong encryption algorithms Blowfish with 448 bit key, Rijndael with 256 bit key, CAST with 256 bit key, DES with 128 bit key. AEP2002 supports skins technology and has 10 nice additional skins! Moreover program has full support for ZIP files!
    I.e. ability to add files into .ZIP file, browse and extract contents from .ZIP file. Compression rate is better than WinZip's one! Plus Complete support for Command Line Interface. Latest added feature is ability to send encrypted files to your friend or partner via email.

    Date of placement13 December 2003
    Date of update19 November 2003
    Interface languageEnglish;
    Term of use
    File size1454Kb
    Operating system Windows 95/98 Windows NT/2000 Windows ME Windows XP Windows NT/2000
    CompanySecureAction Research, LLC

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